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Armorial of Champagne : letter A

Louis d'Aguerre, lord of Cours, residing there, Place of Rheims. Francois, viscount of the Villette, residing in Vieux-lez-Ecry. 

Or, 3 magpies Proper.
Nicolas d'Aguisy, lord of Rumes. Charles d'Aguisy, lord of Jussancourt. Antoine d'Aguisy, & Guillemette d'Aguisy, daugther of Jean d'Aguisy. Jeanne de Blond, widow of Nicolas d'Aguisy, lord of Laugny.
Argent, 3 martlets Sable, without feet and beaks, 2 in chief affrontee and 1 in base.
Jean d'Aigremont, lord of Petit Mesnil & Chaumesnil, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.
Argent, a lion Gules.

Philippe d' Alenduy, lord of Herbigny, residing in Ige. Jean, lord of Field of the Barn, Place of Rethel. Philippe, lord of Herbigny, residing in Logny-Bogny, Place of Rheims. 
Azure, 3 pots Argent, 2 and 1, the 2 of the top affrontee.

Jeanne of Mesnil, widow of Honoré d'Alichamp, lord of Espagne, there resident, Place of Troyes. François-Honore, Jean-Georges, & Marie-Angélique d'Alichamp, his children.

Azure, a chevron Or, accompanied of three roses, 5 leaves of the same, the shield supported by two angels dressed Gules and Azure and towered of a naked issuant mermaid, conjoined of a wire Sable, for crest.
Jeanne de Vauclerois, widow of Charles d'Aligret, lord of Villy, there resident, Place of Espernay. Charles d'Aligret, lord of Villy; Louis & François d'Aligret, his children.

Azure, 3 egrets Argent, beaked and membered Sable. 

Edme d'Alonville, lord of Arnancourt, residing to the Chese, Place of Bar-sur-Aube, & Anne d'Alonville, his sister, widow of Estienne de Halle, lord of Pille.
Argent, 2 fess Sable.

Jean-Louis d'Ambly, lord of the place, residing there, Place of Rethel. Francois, Baron Desayvelles, residing there. Anne de Rosieres, widow of Philip-Foucault d' Ambly, lord of Taurteron. Henriette Adrienne, his daugther.
Argent, 3 lion cubs Sable, langued Gules.
Louis d'Ancienville, lord of Villers-aux-Corneilles, residing there. And Françoise d'Ancienville, his sister, Place of Sezanne.
Gules, 3 hammers of masons Argent, indented and garnished Or.

Arnould-Saladin d'Anglure, marquis of Coublanc, residing there, Place of Langres. Angélique d'Aspremont, widow of François d'Anglure, prince of Amblize, marquis of Sy. Louis-Absalon, marquis of Sy ; Charles-Henry, prince of Amblize; Jean-Henry d'Anglure, brothers. Nicolas d'Anglure, count of Bourlémont.

Or semy of bells Argent, supported by crescents Gules.
François-Antoine, lord of Villeneuve-au-Fresne, & of Mesnil-Fouchart, there residing, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.
Or, 3 crayfishes Gules.
Antoine d'Arbaud, lord of Porchères, residing in Fay, Place of Vitry.
Azure, a chevron Argent, a chief Or, charged of a mullet Gules.
Antoine, lord of Argillieres; Charles-Henry, lord of Frenoy; Pierre, lord of Abecour, & Henry, lord of Courgeraines.
Or, a fess Gules, accompanied of three trefoils of the same, with the motto: me decet augustum pignus virtutis avorum.
Louis d'Argy, lord of Villerzy, residing in Justines, Place of Rheims. Charles d'Argy, lord of Marolles, residing in Tourne, & Charles d'Argy, the young, his brother, residing in Tourne, Election of Rheims.

Or, a lion Sable armed and langued Gules.
François d'Arnoul, lord of Salon, residing in Hermit, Place of Sezanne. Anne Gastelier, widow of Lisander d'Arnoult, residing in Raday. Alexandre d'Arnoult ; Antoine, & Alexis d'Arnoult. Marie d'Arnoult, widow of Louis de Brunetot, resident in Espernay.

Argent, a chevron Gules, three hearts of the same, 2 in chief, 1 in base.
Acham d'Arras, lord of Haudrecy. Robert d'Arras, viscount of Pouilly. And Marguerite d'Arras, residing in Haudrecy, Place of Rethel.

Argent, a chevron Azure, surmounted of two blairiers in chief, affrontee Sable, beaked and with feet Gules.
Arnoult, baron of Artigoity & of Meuze, there residing, Place of Langres.
Azure, a milrind Argent.

Absalon-Claude-Jean-Baptiste d'Aspremont, marquis of Vendy. Madeleine de Fabert, widow of Jean, lord of Laubresle: Abraham-Jean-Louis, & Jean, lord of Laubresle; Charlotte, Innocent Anne-Louife &, her children.
Gules, a cross Argent.
Jacques Aubelin, lord of Nuisément, residing to the Madelene-lez-Vertus, & Nicolas Aubelin, lord of Cuperly, residing to the Jardinet, Place of Chaalons.
Azure, a chevron Argent, accompanied in chief of two mullets Or and in base of a head of stag of the same.
Guillaume d'Aublin, lord of the Barre, residing in Roizy, Place of Rheims.
Argent, a bend Gules, charged of three bezants Or.
Guy-Aldonce d' Auger, lord of Manimont, residing there, Place of Rethel.
Azure, a fess Or.

Claude des Champs, widow of François de l'Aumosne, lord of Raucourt. Georges, Philippe, Nicolas & Charlotte de l'Aumosne, children of the late & of the des Champs, residents to that Raucourt, Places of Chaumont.
Azure, 3 fess, bottom indented, accompanied of three roses of the same in chief.
Jacques & Henry l'Aumosnier, lords of Varennes, there resident, Place of Rheims.
Or, 3 boar's heads Sable.

Louis d'Aunay, lord of Morambert & of Frampas, residing there. Charles d'Aunay, lord of Reges, residing there, Place of Troyes. Henry d'Aunay, lord of Frampas & Morambert, which made their genealogy separated from that of Léon d'Aunay, lord of Fligny partly, Election of Bar-sur-Aube, which also did one of them.
Azure, a cock Or.

Robert d'Autre, lord of Saint-Gobert, residing to the Neufville, Place of Espernay.
Gules, 5 fusils Argent, fimbriated Sable.
Charles, baron d'Autry, y demeurant, Election de Reims.
Gules, a saltier Or.

Pierre d'Avannes, lord of Villers, residing there, Place of Troyes.

Gules, 3 Cinquefoils Or ; quarterly Sable, a saltier Or, accompanied of four crickets of the same. 
Louis d'Avennes, lord of Hannonville. Estienne d'Avennes, also lord of Hannonville. Margueritte d'Avennes, widow of lord of Bohan, residing in Hannonville, Place of Rheims.
Sable, 3 fess Or, charged of six bezants Gules 3, 2 and 1.
Jean d'Averhoult, lord of Guincourt, residing there, Place of Vitry.
Barry Or and Sable, of six pieces, a quarter Ermine.
Edme-François d'Avogadre, lord of Mottoy, residing to La Motte, Place of Troyes. Elizabeth d'Acelle, widow of Louis d'Avogadre, lord of Brion, & Honoré d'Avogadre, Lord of La Motte, residing to Puits, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.
Per fess, a chief checky Gules and Or and in base Gules, 3 fess wavy Or.
Gaspart d' Avrillot, lord of Chaffaut & of Essey, Place of Langres. Nicolas d'Avrillot, lord of Beauregard.
Azure, a Moor head facing the sinister Argent, accompanied of three mullets Or.

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