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Armorial of Europe (Rietstap)

Armorial of Europe by Rietstap

Letter A

from AAAA to ABBI from ABBI to ABNE from ABNE to ACHA from ACHA to ACTO from ACTO to ADEL
from ADEL to ADMI from ADMI to AGAR from AGAR to AGRI from AGRI to AICH from AICH to AIRO
from AIRO to ALBE from ALBE to ALBI from ALBI to ALDW from ALDW to ALIM from ALIM to ALLI
from ALLI to ALST from ALST to ALTZ from ALTZ to AMBO from AMBO to AMOR from AMOR to ANDI
from ANDI to ANET from ANET to ANGU from ANGU to ANSA from ANSA to ANTO from ANTO to APSL
from APSL to ARCH from ARCH to AREN from AREN to ARLO from ARLO to ARNH from ARNH to ARRI
from ARRI to ASAR from ASAR to ASSE from ASSE to ATRI from ATRI to AUBI from AUBI to AUER
from AUER to AUNA from AUNA to AUVE from AUVE to AVES from AVES to AYLV from AYLV to AZZU

Letter B

from BAAA to BACH from BACH to BAER from BAER to BAIL from BAIL to BAIR from BAIR to BALD
from BALD to BALS from BALS to BANK from BANK to BARB from BARB to BARB from BARB to BARE
from BARE to BARN from BARN to BARR from BARR to BART from BART to BAS from BAS to BAST
from BAST to BATT from BATT to BAUD from BAUD to BAUM from BAUM to BAYG from BAYG to BEAU
from BEAU to BEAU from BEAU to BECH from BECH to BEDE from BEDE to BEGU from BEGU to BELE
from BELE to BELL from BELL to BELO from BELO to BENE from BENE to BENT from BENT to BERC
from BERC to BERG from BERG to BERG from BERG to BERN from BERN to BERN from BERN to BERT
from BERT to BERT from BERT to BESS from BESS to BEUF from BEUF to BEZ from BEZ to BIDE
from BIDE to BIGL from BIGL to BIND from BIND to BISO from BISO to BLAI from BLAI to BLAN
from BLAN to BLIE from BLIE to BLON from BLON to BOCH from BOCH to BOEL from BOEL to BOHM
from BOHM to BOIS from BOIS to BOLD from BOLD to BONA from BONA to BONH from BOHN to BONN
from BONN to BORC from BORC to BORI from BORI to BORS from BORS to BOSS from BOSS to BOTT
from BOTT to BOUD from BOUD to BOUL from BOUL to BOUR from BOUR to BOUS from BOUS to BOUW
from BOUW to BOYS from BOYS to BRAK from BRAK to BRAN from BRAN to BRAU from BRAU to BREI
from BREI to BRES from BRES to BREY from BREY to BRIL from BRIL to BROC from BROC to BRON
from BRON to BROU from BROU to BRUG from BRUG to BRUN from BRUN to BRUV from BRUV to BUCH
from BUCH to BUFF from BUFF to BULL from BULL to BURC from BURC to BURK from BURK to BUSQ
from BUSQ to BUTT from BUTT to BYWO

Letter C

from CAAN to CAES from CAES to CALL from CALL to CAMB from CAMB to CAMP from CAMP to CAND
from CAND to CANZ from CANZ to CARA from CARA to CARI from CARI to CARP from CARP to CART
from CART to CAST from CAST to CAST from CAST to CAUS from CAUS to CAZZ from CAZZ to CERR
from CERR to CHAL from CHAL to CHAM from CHAM to CHAP from CHAP to CHAR from CHAR to CHAS
from CHAS to CHAU from CHAU to CHEM from CHEM to CHEV from CHEV to CHOI from CHOI to CHUR
from CHUR to CJUB from CJUB to CLAU from CLAU to CLER from CLER to CLOO from CLOO to COCK
from COCK to COET from COET to COLI from COLI to COLO from COLO to COME from COME to CONQ
from CONQ to COOK from COOK to CORB from CORB to CORN from CORN to CORT from CORT to COST
from COST to COUL from COUL to COUR from COUR to COUW from COUW to CRAP from CRAP to CRET
from CRET to CROI from CROI to CROO from CROO to CSOR from CSOR to CURT from CURT to CZER
from CZER to CZYS

Letter D

from DAAE to DAJO from DAJO to DAMM from DAMM to DARD from DARD to DAUR from DAUR to DECH
from DECH to DEIS from DEIS to DEMA from DEMA to DERN from DERN to DESP from DESP to DEUR
from DEUR to DIEB from DIEB to DIET from DIET to DIOU from DIOU to DOEN from DOEN to DOMI
from DOMI to DOOR from DOOR to DORS from DORS to DOUX from DOUX to DREW from DREW to DRUM
from DRUM to DUCR from DUCR to DULL from DULL to DUNT from DUNT to DURC from DURC to DUVA
from DUVA to DZWO

Letter E

from EADE to ECKAfrom ECKA to EDMEfrom EDME to EGGEfrom EGGE to EHRMfrom EHRM to EKEN
from EKEN to ELSAfrom ELSA to EMTIfrom EMTI to ENGEfrom ENGE to ERBAfrom ERBA to ERPF
from ERPF to ESDOfrom ESDO to ESQUfrom ESQU to ESTRfrom ESTR to EWILfrom EWIL to EZTE

Letter F


Letter G

from GAAD to GAIRfrom GAIR to GALLfrom GALL to GANDfrom GAND to GARDfrom GARD to GART
from GART to GAUDfrom GAUD to GAVRfrom GAVR to GEIGfrom GEIG to GENAfrom GENA to GEPP
from GEPP to GERLfrom GERL to GETAfrom GETA to GHOSfrom GHOS to GIESfrom GIES to GINN
from GINN to GIROfrom GIRO to GLATfrom GLAT to GNISfrom GNIS to GOESfrom GOES to GOLO
from GOLT to GORCfrom GORC to GOSSfrom GOSS to GOUGfrom GOUG to GRAAfrom GRAA to GRAI
from GRAI to GRANfrom GRAN to GRAVfrom GRAV to GREKfrom GREK to GRIEfrom GRIE to GRIS
from GRIS to GROOfrom GROO to GRUBfrom GRUB to GRZEfrom GRZE to GUERfrom GUER to GUIC
from GUIC to GUIMfrom GUIN à GUNTfrom GUNT to GUYOfrom GUYO to GZOW

Letter H

from HAAC to HACKfrom HACK to HAGEfrom HAGE to HAJEfrom HAJE to HALLfrom HALL to HAMM
from HAMM to HANHfrom HANH to HARDfrom HARD to HARNfrom HARN to HARTfrom HART to HAST
from HAST to HAUNfrom HAUN to HAVEfrom HAVE to HAYNfrom HAYN to HEEDfrom HEED to HEID
from HEID to HELDfrom HELD to HELTfrom HELT to HENNfrom HENN to HEPPfrom HEPP to HERI
from HERI to HERRfrom HERR to HESSfrom HESS to HEUSfrom HEUS to HEYMfrom HEYM to HILL
from HILL to HIPPfrom HIPP to HOCHfrom HOCH to HOFEfrom HOFE to HOFMfrom HOFM to HOHE
from HOHE to HOLSfrom HOLS to HOMEfrom HOME to HOOGfrom HOOG to HORIfrom HORI to HORS
from HORS to HOUTfrom HOUT to HOYEfrom HOYE to HUEfrom HUE to HUHNfrom HUHN to HUND
from HUND to HUTTfrom HUTT to HYTT

Letter I

from IABL to IMMIfrom IMMI to IRAEfrom IRAE to ISTAfrom ISTA to IZYC

Letter J

from JABA to JACO from JACO to JALE from JALE to JAQU from JAQU to JEAN from JEAN to JERM
from JERM to JOHN from JOHN to JORD from JORD to JOUV from JOUV to JUMI from JUMI to JUZE

Letter K

from KA to KALM from KALM to KARK from KARL to KAYS from KAYS to KELL from KELL to KERC
from KERC to KERN from KERN to KEST from KEST to KHRE from KHRO to KING from KING to KITT
from KITT to KLET from KLET to KNAE from KNAF to KNUC from KNUD to KOEV from KOEV to KOWS
from KOLO to KOPF from KOPF to KOSS from KOSS to KRAF from KRAF to KRAU from KRAU to KRIE
from KRIE to KRUS from KRUS to KUNE from KUNE to KYVE

Letter L

from LABA to LACH from LACH to LAGE from LAGE to LALE from LALE to LAMB from LAMB to LAMC
from LANC to LANGfrom LANG to LANGfrom LANG to LAPOfrom LAPO to LASSfrom LASS to LAUL
from LAUL to LAUZfrom LAUZ to LECOfrom LECO to LEEfrom LEE to LEHNfrom LEHN to LEMB
from LEMB to LENTfrom LENT to LEREfrom LERE to LESVfrom LESV to LEVRfrom LEVR to LIAN
from LIAN to LIECfrom LIED to LILIfrom LILI to LINDfrom LIND to LINGfrom LINH to LISS
from LISS to LOBKfrom LOBK to LOERfrom LOES to LOMEfrom LOME to LOPEfrom LOPE to LOSS
from LOSS to LOVEfrom LOVE to LUBIfrom LUBI to LUDWfrom LUED to LURZfrom LURZ to LUXE
from LUXI to LZAW

Letter M

from MAA to MACK from MACK to MAER from MAER to MAHL from MAHL to MAIR from MAIR to MALE
from MALE to MALT from MALT to MANF from MANF to MANS from MANS to MARC from MARC to MARE
from MARE to MARI from MARI to MARP from MARP to MART from MART to MART from MART to MASN
from MASN to MATH from MATH to MAUD from MAUD to MAUT from MAUT to MAYE from MAYE to MAZZ
from MAZZ to MEER from MEER to MEJE from MEJE to MENA from MENA to MENS from MENS to MERG
from MERGE to MERY from MERY to MEST from MEST to MEUL from MEUL to MEYE from MEYE to MICH
from MICH to MIEL from MIEN to MILL from MILL to MINU from MINU to MITT from MITT to MOHS
from MOHU to MOLL from MOLL to MOND from MOND to MONT from MONTA to MONTB from MONTB to MONTF
from MONTF to MONTM from MONTM to MORA from MORA to MORE from MORE to MORO from MORO to MOSM
from MOSM to MOUI from MOUI to MOYS from MOYS to MULL from MULL to MULL from MULL to MUNT
from MUNT to MUSS from MUSS to MYTH

Letter N

from NAAL to NANN from NANO to NATT from NATT to NEGE from NEGE to NESM from NESM to NEUM
from NEUM to NEYR from NEYR to NIEK from NIEK to NOAI from NOAI to NOLC from NOLD to NORM
from NORO to NOVA from NOVA to NYVE

Letter O

from OAAA to OCKH from OCKH to OEST from OEST to OKEL from OKEN to OLLI from OLLO to OOST
from OOST to ORGE from ORGE to ORSO from ORSO to OSTE from OSTE to OTTL from OTTN to OZYM

Letter P

from PAAL to PADO from PADR to PALB from PALB to PALO from PALO to PAPE from PAPE to PARE
from PARE to PARV from PARY to PAST from PAST to PAUL from PAUL to PAYS from PAYS to PEIR
from PEIR to PELL from PELL to PERA from PERA to PERL from PERL to PERR from PERR to PEST
from PETA to PETR from PETR to PEYS from PEYS to PFRE from PFRU to PICA from PICA to PIEP
from PIER to PILG from PILG to PINS from PINS to PITA from PITA to PLAN from PLAN to PLESS
from PLET to PODH from PODH to POKR from POLA to POME from POME to PONT from PONT to PORQ
from PORQ to POSC from POSC to POUG from POUG to PRAD from PRAD to PREC from PREC to PRET
from PRET to PRIN from PRIN to PROV from PROV to PUEC from PUEC to PURY from PURY to PYTH

Letter Q

from QUAA to QUER
from QUER to QUOS

Letter R

from RAAB to RADA from RADA to RAGO from RAGO to RAMI from RAMI to RANT from RANT to RATK
from RATL to RAVE from RAVE to REBO from REBO to REEP from REES to REIB from REIB to REIM
from REIM to REIT from REIT to RENI from RENI to RETE from RETE to REYA from REYA to RHOD
from RHOD to RICH from RICH to RIDD from RIDD to RIET from RIET to RIPA from RIPA to RIVA
from RIVA to ROBE from ROBE to ROCH from ROCH to RODE from RODE to ROGA from ROGA to ROKE
from ROKE to ROMA from ROMA to ROON from ROON to ROSE from ROSE to ROSE from ROSE to ROSSI
from ROSS to ROTH from ROTH to ROUJ from ROUJ to ROUX from ROUX to ROYE from ROYE to RUDI
from RUDI to RUIS from RUIS to RUSS from RUSS to RYEL from RYEL to RZYS

Letter S

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