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Armorial of Champagne : letter C

CAHIER (native from Anjou)
Edme de Cahier, Lord of Frampas, residing there, Place of Vitry.

Argent, a fess Gules, charged of a crescent Or, accompanied in chief of three fusils Sable, & in base of a lion passant of the same, langued Gules.

CARENDEFFEZ (native from Champagne)
Jean-Baptiste de Carendeffez, lord of Chaudenay, residing there, Place of Langres.

Azure, 6 bezants Argent, set three in chief, two in fess, and one in base.

CASTRATE (native of Albigensian)
Gérard de Castre, viscount of Barbonval, residing in Bethinville, Place of Rheims.
Charles de Castre, lord of Vaux. Simon de Castre. Jean de Castre, Lord of La Chauffée. And Claude de Castre, all residing in Vaux, Election of Rheims.

Azure, 3 mullets Argent, set in fess, surmounted of a crescent of the same.

CAUCHON (native from Champagne)
François Cauchon, Count of Lery, residing there, Place of Rheims. Charles Cauchon, Baron de Tiernut. Jean-Charles, Lord of Sommievre, residing there, Place of Chaalons. Charles Cauchon, Baron de Neuflize. Madeleine de Paris, widow of Louis Cauchon, Viscount of Unchere. Jacques, Henry, & Antoine Cauchon, his children. And Francois, knight of Malta.

Gules, a griffin Or, winged Argent.

CAUMONT (native from Champagne)
Charles-François de Caumont, Lord of Mutry, residing in Fontaine, Place of Epernay.
Antoine de Caumont, Lord of Sauseuil. Jacques de Caumont, Lord of Aire. Marie de La Rivière, widow of Valentin de Caumont. Jean de Caumont, lord de Neufmaifon.

Azure, a wheel Or supported by two lions of the same.

LE CERF (native from Champagne)
Nicolas Le Cerf, lord of Prosne, which made to its genealogy separated from that of Jean Le Cerf, lord of Cramant, residing in Cuy, Election of Epernay, which still made to a genealogy separated from that of Jean Le Cerf, lord of Cramant & of Atye.

Azure, a chevron Or, accompanied of three mullets of the same.

CHALLEMAISON (native from Champagne)
Claude de Challemaison, lord of Bois-Bazin, residing there. Elizabeth de Soissons, widow of Savinien de Challemaison, lord of Chalautre-la-Grande, residing there, Place of Troyes.

Argent, a fess Azure, charged of a rose Or, accosted of two spur rowels of the same.

CHAMISSOT (native from Lorraine)
Elizabeth of Y, widow of Jean de Chamissot, Lord of Sivry, & Robert de Chamissot, his son, Lord of the place, there residing, Place of Chaalons.

Argent, 5 trefoils saltirewise Sable, set in chief, and two reversed hands dexter and sinister of the same, set in base.

CHAMPAGNE (native from Champagne)
Claude de Champagne, Lord of Morsains. Fiacre de Champagne, Lord of Lechelle & Lunay. And Henry, his brother, residing to the Foretiere, Place of Troyes.

Azure, a bend Argent, accompanied of two bendlets, potent & counter potent Or of thirteen pieces.

CHAMPIGNY (native from Champagne)
Antoine de Champigny, Lord of Balignicourt, residing in Humpigny, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Azure to the cross Argent, cantoned to the 1st canton of a crescent of the same.

DES CHAMPS (native from Champagne)
Louis des Champs, marquis of Marcilly, general lieutenant of the armies of the king. Armand des Champs, viscount of Marcilly, Captain of the Castle of Madrid, & Varenne of the Louvre. Antoine, knight of Malta. Marie of the Fields of Marcilly, residing in Marcilly, Place of Sezanne.

Or, 3 chevrons Sable, accompanied of three annulets of the same.

DES CHAMPS (native from Champagne)
lord of Riel-Dessus, residing in Charmoy, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Azure, 3 thistles Or.

CHANDON (native from Lionnois)
Claude-Geoffroy de Chandon-Brialles, Lord of Lanques, residing there, Place of Chaumont.

Argent, a fess Gules, accompanied of three trefoils Sable.

CHANTELOU (native from Champagne)
Elizabeth de Budé, widow of François de Chantelou, Lord of Coupigny. Charles & Louis de Chantelou, Lord of the Coupigny, residing there, Place of Epernay.

Or, a wolf Sable, accompanied of three roundles Gules.

CHARTONGNE (native from Champagne)
Jean de Chartogne, viscount of Pernan, residing in Montigny, Place of Rethel. Claude, Lord of La Folie & Bretoncourt. Jean-François, Lord of Tourteron, residing in La Folie, which made a genealogy separated from that of Philippe-François de Chartogne, Lord of Neuf-visy. Christophe-Antoine de Chartogne. Charles-Jean, & Tristan-Louis, residing in Viel-Saint-Remy, Place of Rethel. Francois, Lord of Vauzelles & Magneux, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Gules, 5 saltirewise rings Or.

CHASTENAY (native from Champagne)
Nicolas de Chastenay, Lord of Bricon, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Argent, a cock Vert, crowned, combed, beaked, jelloped & membered Gules.

DE CHAT (native from Soulogne)
François le Chat, Lord of the Pavillons, & Pierre le Chat, his son, residing in Sumérmont, Place of Vitry.

Argent, 3 fess Gules, to the orle of seven martlets Sable.

CHAUMONT (native from Vexin)
Hugues de Chaumont, lord of Villeneuve, Place of Sezanne. Louis de Chaumont, lord of Saint-Cheron, residing there, Place of Vitry.

Azure, 4 fess Gules.

CHAVAGNAC (native from Auvergne)
Charlotte de la Marche des Comtes, widow of Louis de Chavagnac, Lord of Tortespée. Antoine de Chavagnac, his son.

Argent, 2 fess Sable, a chief Azure, charged with three roses Or.

CHERTEMPS (native from Champagne)
Pierre Chertemps, Lord of the Mouflet, Treasurer of France. Philippe Chertemps. Marie Goujon, widow of René Chertemps, alive Lord of Bergère & Vaux. Charles, his son, all residing in Rheims.

Azure, a fess Or, accompanied in chief of three mullets, & in base of a crescent of the same.

LA CHEVARDIERE (native from Champagne)
Marie le Cerf, widow of Hugues de La Chevardière, Lord of Jumont. And Jean de La Chevardière, Lord of the place of Jumont. Louis, residing in Roquigny, Place of Rheims. Jean, Lord of the Grange-au-Bois. And François, Lord of the Motte.

Argent, a bit of fern Vert.

CHINOIR (native from Champagne)
David Chinoir, viscount of Chambrecy, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Sable, a chevron Argent, accompanied of three naissant greyhounds of the same, collared Sable.

CHOISEUL (native from Champagne)
Cleriadus de Choiseul, Baron de Lanques & of Ferté, there residing, Place of Langres. Marie de Billy, widow of Charles de Choiseul, Baron d'Ambonville. Alexandre, his son, Baron of the Ambonville. Charles, Francois, Pierre, Claude-Bernard, & Louis de Choiseul d' Ambonville, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. Louis de Choiseul, Baron de Beaupré, residing there, Place of Chaumont. Jacques-François de Choiseul, Marquis de Beaupré, Lord of Aillancourt, residing there, Place of Chaumont. Claude de Choiseul-Francieres, Count of Choiseul, Governor of Langres, residing there, & François de Choiseul, Marquis de Praslain, general Lieutenant for His Majesty to the Government of Champagne, residing to that Praslain, Place of Troyes.

Azure, a cross Or, cantoned of eighteen billets of the same.

CHOISY (native from Champagne)
Charles de Choisy, Lord of Thieblemont, & Claude, Lord of the place, residing there, Place of Vitry.

Azure, a chief pily Or.

CLERMONT (native from Anjou)
Louis de Clermont d' Amboise, Marquis de Reynel, Governor of Chaumont.
François de Clermont d' Amboise, Count of the place, Abbé de Saint-Clement of Metz. Louis de Clermont d' Amboise, Marquis de Reynel. And Juste de Clermont d' Amboise, residing to that Reynel, Eleclion of Chaumont.

Azure, 3 chevrons, the first cadenced Or.

COCKEREL (native from Picardy)
Eleonore de Blois, widow of Charles de Cochet, Lord of Marchelles, residing in Saint-Ferjeul, Place of Troyes.

Gules, a chevron Argent, charged with five spots Ermine, accompanied in chief of two spur rowels with eight points Or, & in base of a boar's head Sable, tusked Argent, surmounted of a spur rowel with eight points Or.

COIFFART (native from Champagne)
Louis Coiffart, Lord of Marcilly-le-Hayer. Charles Coiffart, Lord of Mesnil & Marcilly, residing there, Place of Troyes.

Gules, 3 inflamed caps Or.

COKBORGNE (native from Scotland)
Edme-Eleonor de Cokborne, baron of Villeneuve, residing there.

Azure, 3 cocks Gules, two & one.

COLET (native from Champagne)
Vincent Colet, Lord of La Marre, residing in Donchery, Place of Rheims. Noël, Lord of Morinville, & Pierre Colet, Lord of Longchamp.

Azure, a bend Argent, charged of three mullets Gules.

COLIGNON (native from Champagne)
Marguerite Bertin, widow of Philippe of Colignon, Lord of large Crowned Charles de Colignon, Lord of Blignicourt. Samuel, Daniel & Marie de Colignon.

Or, a demi-lion naissant Sable, langued Gules, per fess Gules to the dexter arm, dressed Azure issuing in sinister, the hand Proper holding the lightning Sable, in dexter a trefoil of the same.

COLIGNY (native of Burgundy)
Joachim de Coligny, marquis of Crecia, residing in Damery, Place of Espernay.

Gules, a eagle Argent, membered, beaked & crowned Azure.

DES COLINES (native from Champagne)
Claude des Colines, lord of Pocancy, there residing, Places of Chaalons. François des Colines, residing in Bisseuil, Place of Epernay.

Azure, a lion Or.

COMITIN (native of Siracuse)
Charles de Comitin, Lord of Motte-prez-Eclaron. Jean de Comitin, Lord of Sainte-Liviere, residing there, Place of Vitry. Claude de Comitin. Louis, Marie, & Madeleine, Rene, lord of Angleber, & Nicole, widow of Corberon of Lacquevivier, residing in Grandes Costes.

Argent, 6 eyes Proper, set in fess, two, two, two.

CONDE (native from Champagne)
Charles de Condé, Lord of Coëmy, residing there, Place of Rheims. And Claude, lord of Virginy.

Or, 3 maunches badly cut Gules.

CONFLANS (native from Champagne)
Christophe de Conflans, Lord of Bouleuze, residing there, Place of Rheims. And Eustache de Conflans, his son.

Azure, semy of billets Or, to the lion of the same.

CONSTANT (native from Auvergne)
Jean & Salomon de Constant, Lord of Trières & Froid-Fossé, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Gules, 3 fess Or, a chief of the same, charged with three bends Gules..

CONTET (native from Champagne)
Louis de Contet, Lord of the Aunay-sur-Marne, residing there, Place of Chaalons.

Azure, 3 winches Argent.

LE CORDELIER (native from Artois)
Jacques le Cordelier, Lord of Chenevières & Verneuil, residing there, Place of Espernay.

Azure, 2 garb Or, a quarter Argent, charged of a lion Sable..

CORDON (native from Brittany)
Joseph de Cordon, Lord of Montguyon. Nicolas, Daniel, Henry de Cordon, residing in Veuxaulles, Place of Langres.
And Serené de Cordon, Lord of La Chaumière.

Ermine, 2 fess Gules.

COTHONNIER (native from Normandy)
Michel le Cothonnier, lord of La Rue. Nicolas Cothonnier, lord of Lonpré, residing in Poix, Place of Chaalons.

Argent, a cross Gules, charged of five escalops Or.

COURTOIS (native from Burgundy)
Oudart le Courtois, Lord of Blegnicourt. Pierre the Courteous one. And Josias Le Courtois, Lord of La Forest, residing in Troyes.

Azure, 3 blackberries Or, two & one.

COUSSY (native from Artois)
Pierre de Coussy, lord of Ogny. Nicolas de Coussy, lord of Louvrigny. Francois, & Antoine, residing in the Tours-sur-Marne, & Pierre de Coussy, lord of Velie, residing in Bisseuil, Place of Epernay.

Argent fimbriated Gules, & an edge Sable, six Ermines of the same, three in chief, two & one.

LA CROIX (native from Languedoc)
Claude, de la Croix, viscount of Semoine, & Francois, his brother, residing in Boulins, Place of Troyes.

Azure, a cross Or, charged of a crescent Gules..

CUGNON (native from Champagne)
Philippe de Cugnon, Lord of Saint-Benoist, there residing, Place of Chaalons. And Claude de Cugnon, Lord of Saint-Benoist, Place of Rethel.

Sable, 3 stirrups Argent, two & one.

CUISSOTTE (native from Champagne)
Nicolas de Cuissotte, Lord of Gizaucourt, ordinary State Counsellor.

Or, a bend Azure, charged of three alerions Argent ; quarterly, Gules, a eagle Or ; over all, Azure, a chevron Argent, accompanied of three bezants Or.

CULANT (native from Brye)
Louis de Culant, Lord of La Brosse & Courgivault, residing in La Montagne, Place of Sezanne..

Argent, semy of roundles Sable, a saltier engrailed Gules.

CUSSIGNY (native of Burgundy)
Philbert-Francois de Cussigny, Lord of Rivières-les-Fosses, residing there, Place of Langres.

Gules, a fess Argent, charged of three escutcheons Azure.

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