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Armorial of Champagne : letter B

Henry Bachelier, Lord of Moncel, Treasurer of France, residing in Chaalons.

Azure to the cross indented Or, cantoned of four peacocks in their pride, affrontee Argent.

François Baillet, Lord of the Planches, residing there. Claude Baillet, Lord of Daucourt, residing there, Place of Chaalons.

Argent, a lynx Proper, a chief Azure, charged with two spur rowels Or.

Roger de Balathier, Lord of Lantage. Jacques de Balathier, Knight of Malta. Charles de Balathier, residing to that Lantage, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. And Antoine de Balathier, brothers.

Or, a fess Sable.

Arnault de Balayne, Lord of Champaudos, & Claude, his brother, Lord of the place, residing there, Place of Sezanne.

Argent, a fess embattled.

Charles de Baleine, Lord of Suzemont, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Argent, a lion Sable armed, langued and crowned Gules.

Charles-Marcel de Balidart, Lord of Feligny, made a Genealogy separated from that of Guy de Balidart, Seigneur of Fligny. Nicolas de Balidart, Lord of Fligny, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. And Joachim de Balidart, Sieur de Doncourt, residing in Vernonvilliers, Place of the Bar-sur-Aube.

Argent, a fess Vert accompanied of seven martlets Sable, 4 in chief and 3 in base.

François de Baradat, Lord of Damery, residing there, Place of Epernay. Gaspart, Viscount of Verneuil, residing there, of the same Place.

Azure, a fess Or, accompanied of three roses Argent 2 and 1.

Mathias Barbin, Baron of Broyes, residing there, Place of Sezanne.

Azure, a chevron Or, accompanied of two roses Argent in chief and of a lion Or in base, which coats of arms, its majesty made it possible to add the old coats of arms of the house of Barnacles, which are Azure, 3 barnacles Or in fess, one on the other and this 1st and 4th, quarter.

Barge la
François of the Barge, Lord of Vougrey, residing in Lantages, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. And Jacob of the Barge, Lord of Champeaux & Vandieses, there residing, Place of Espernay. Jacob of the Barge, Lord of Ville, residing in Coizard, Place of Chaalons.

Argent, a bend Sable, accompanied in chief of a coronet of the same.

Jean de Bataille, Lord of Chaltray, residing in Vilvenart, Place of Chaalons.

Azure, 3 fess in crenels Or.

Esdras Bauda, residing in Chaumont-Saint-Quentin, Place of Rethel.

Or, 3 bends Gules.

Antoine de Baudier, Lord of Virginy, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Argent, 3 Moor heads Sable, wreathed of the field.

Louis de Baussancour, Lord of Petit-Mesnil & Chaumesnil.
Jeanne de Rommecour, widow of François de Baussancour. Guy, Bernard, Nicole & François de Baussancour, his children. Antoinette de Ballidart, widow of Charles de Baussancour. Marie Maillet, widow of Pierre de Baussancour. Gaspart of Baussancour, & Claude de Baussancour, daugther, all residents to Petit-Mesnil, Election of Bar-sur-Aube, which made their genealogy separated from that of Marie Heudelot, widow of Gabriel de Baussancour, Sieur de Balignicourt, & René de Baussancour, his son.

Argent, a lion Sable, armed and allumee Argent, the tail forked and set in saltier, charged of a mullet Or on the sinister shoulder.

Claude de Bavre, Lord of Chargey, residing in Saquenay, Place of Langres. And Jellops of Bavre, his sister.

Quarterly Argent, 1st and 4th, 3 Ermine Sable, 2nd and 3rd, 3 fess Gules.

Jean-Baptiste Bazin, Lord of Bercenay, residing to that the place, Place of Troyes.

Azure, 3 coronets Or, fleury of five pieces.

Henry de Beaufort, Sieur de Launoy, residing in Ambly-sur-Aisne, Place of Rethel. Didier de Beaufort, Lord of Maujouy, residing in Givry, Place of Rheims. Jacques de Beaufort, Lord of La Loge, Viscount of the high Saint-Remy. And Louis de Beaufort, Sieur de Moivre, residing in high Saint-Remy, Place of Rheims.

Azure, a fort Argent, planted in waves of the same.

Menault of Beaufort, Sieur de Launay, Senior of the Advisers of Presidial of Chaalons.

Argent, 3 bends Gules.

Antoine de Beaujeu, Lord of Chambroncourt & of Epizon, residing in Chambroncourt, Place of Chaumont.

Argent, 5 fess Gules.

Jean de Beaulieu, Lord of Jeffe, residing in Vaudron, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Azure, a vol of 2 wings conjoined in base Argent, accompanied of two mullets in chief.

Charles-Claude de Beaumont, Lord of Saint-Estienne, Viscount of Chaumusy. And Francois, his brother.

Azure to the escutcheon in middle fess point Argent, a bend Gules debruising over all.

Claude de Beaurepaire, Lord of Coizard, residing there, Place of Chaalons. Claude, Charles, & François de Beaurepaire, his children.

Azure, a diamond enchased to a ring Or, the bordure intended of the same.

Louis de Beauvais, Lord of Autruches, residing there, Place of Rethel.

Argent, 3 pales Gules.

Françoise d'Alaumont, widow of Samuel de Beauvau, Lord of Vatimont. Jacques and Louis de Beauvau, Lords of Espense, there resident, Place of Chaalons. Antoinette de Beauvau, widow of Henry de la Marche-des-Comtes, Baron of l'Echelle, residing in Fontaine-Denis, Place of Sezanne. Salomonde Beauvau, Lord of Pôthieres. Margueritte Pasquet, widow of Maximilian de Beauvau, Lord of Bignipont, residing there, Place of Chaalons. Charles de Beauvau, Madelene & Antoinette, daugthers. Blanche Raulet, widow of Pierre de Beauvau, Lord of Merigny. Maximilian de Beauvau, Lord of the Merigny, residing in Villiers in Argogne, Place of Chaalons.

Quarterly Argent, 4 lions cantoned Gules, crowned, armed and langued Or, which is of Beauvau, lozengy Or and Gules which is of Craon.

Marie Le Lieur, widow of Louis de Becu, Lord of Flaucourt. And Claude, Nicole, Margueritte, Francoise and Henriette, her children.  Claude de Becu, Lord of Flaucourt.

Argent, 3 ravens Sable.

Jean de Beffroy, Lord of the Grève, residing in Olizy, Place of Rheims. Philippe, Lord of Sausseuil, residing in Germont-sur-Bar, Place of Rethel. Nicolle de Sandras, widow of Pierre de Beffroy, Lord of Novion, resident at Aubreuil, Place of Rheims. Antoine, Lord of Coigny. Jean the older, Lord of Sausseuil. Pierre & Jean the young. Nicolas & Ferry of Beffroy, his children.

Sable, a lion Argent armed and langued Gules, the tail passed between the legs.

François Begat, residing in Jaffeyne, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. Françoise d'Anneau, widow of Charles Begat, Lord of Chalette. Daniel, Charles, Marie & Daisy Begat, his/her children, residents to Chalette, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Sable, a cross engrailed Argent, cantoned 1st and 4th, of two mullets of the same.

Bel le
Barbe d'Y, widow of Hierosme Le Bel, Seigneur of Sors, adviser to the Presidial of Rheims, there resident.

Argent, a fess Azure, charged of three buckles Or, accompanied in chief of two boar's heads Sable, tusked Argent and of a mullet of the same in base.

Charles de Bélanger, Lord of Blacy. Louis de Bélanger, Lord of the place, & of Fontenay, there residing, Place of Troyes. Marie the Boilerman, widow of Philips of Bélanger, Lord of Torotte. Jacques, Philips, Marie, Elizabeth, Anne, Marie de Bélanger, his children, residing in Blacy, Place of Vitry.

Azure, a chevron Or.

Salomon du Bellay, Lord of Soisy-au-bois. Louis of Bellay, Lord of Chevigny.

Argent, a bend fusilly Gules, accompanied of six fleur de lys Azure, 3 in chief 2, and 1 and 3 in base, set in bend.

Hercules, Count of Behoy & Montaguilloa, Lord of Villenauxe, Lieutenant General for His Majesty to the Government of Champagne & Brie, residing to that Villenauxe, Place of Troyes.

Argent, 3 fess Gules.

Antoinette de Benaist, widow of Laurent Bruslé, Lord of the Fontaine, there resident, Place of Sezanne.

Or, a eagle displayed Gules (double-headed).
Edme de Berey, Lord of Vaudes, residing there, Place of Troyes. Jean de Berey, residing to the low Villeneuve, Place of Troyes. Charles de Berey, their brother, & Jacqueline de Berey, resident at Cuffangy, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Azure, a chevron Argent accompanied of three spur rowels of the same.

Nicolas & Claude de Berles, residing in Thiefrain, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. And Antoine, Lord of Maffrecour, residing there, Place of Chaalons.

Azure, a saltier Or, accompanied of four lions, armed and langued Gules.
Claude-Louis de Bermand, Lord of Yzemain. François-Louis & Estienne, Lords of Mortault, there resident, Place of Chaumont. Louise Aymé, widow of Charles de Bermand.

Or to the bear Sable, unguled and langued Gules, holding a mirror with the two upper feet.

Hélène Godet, widow of Louis de Bermondes, Seigneur of Concourt, residing there, Election of Troyes. Charles & Hélène de Bermondes, his children. François de Bermondes, Lord of Escrienne, residing there, Place of Vitry.

Or, a cross trefly Vert ; quarterly, Or, a lion Gules ; over all, Gules, 2 pales Or, charged of a fess Azure overcharged of three lozenges of the second.

la Berquerie
Marguerite, Magdelene, & Claude de la Berquerie.

Azure, 3 mullets Or, 2 in chief and 1 in base.

Charles de Berruyer, Lord of Bussy, residing to the Grand-Cour, Place of Troyes.

Azure, 3 pots or cups Or, covered ; support, two leopards ; crest, a naissant savage ; motto : meliora sequentur.
Antoine de Bery, Lord of Varigny, residing in Beaurepaire, Place of Rheims.

Or, a bend Sable pierced of three bastons of the same : two lions Gules for supporters and naissant for crest.

François Berziaux, lord of Moulins, Prior of Montfelix. And Scipion of Berziaux, lord of Moulins, there residing, Place of Epernay.

Azure, 3 trefoils Or.

Paul de Bethoulat, Lord of Archy, residing in Beze, Place of Langres, & Catherine, her sister.

Gules, a lion Or, 3 towers Argent in chief.

Lord of Taiffy, there residing, Place of Rheims. And Anne de Bezannes.

Azure semy of bezants Or, a lion Argent over all.

Blanc le
Estienne le Blanc, Lord of  Croix-sur-Marne, general Lieutenant of Vitry, residing there.

Or, per fess to two thirds in chief, an eagle with 2 heads Sable (double-headed), and the other third in base, Azure.
François de Blois, Lord of Sausotte, Place of Troyes. And Louis, his brother, & Louis, Lord of the Court, residing there, Place of Troyes.

Argent, 2 fess Gules, charged each of three annulets Or.

Jean de Blondeau, residing in Boureules, Place of Chaalons.

Sable, 3 bezants Argent, two and one.

Louis de Bohan, Count of Nanteuil. Robert de Bohan, Viscount of Bac, & Charles de Bohan, residing in Bac, Place of Rheims.

Sable, a bend Or, accompanied of two bendlets of the same.

Estienne Bohier, Lord of Orfeuil, residing in Trouan, Place of Troyes.

Or to the lion Azure, a chief Gules.
Jean du Bois, Lord of Escordal. And Charles du Bois, Lord of Momby & of Escordal, there residing, Place of Rethel.

Argent, 5 Ermine Sable 3 and 2.

Pierre du Bois, Lord of Cognet, residing in Seu, Place of Troyes. Louise des Forges, widow of Thibaut of Wood, Lords of Villatte, residing in Queudes, Place of Sezanne.

Azure, a lion Or.

Bois du
Denise Mariotte, widow of Didier du Bois, lord of Corchamp, Place of Langres. George, Jean, Anne, Marie, Gabriel & Claude du Bois, his children.

Azure, a saltier Argent, accompanied of three doves Or, 1 in chief and 2 in flanch.

Claude de Bologne, Lord of Bonnecourt, residing in Nogent, Place of Langres.

Or, 3 roundles Gules; quarterly Gules, semy of fleur de lys Or; over all Azure, a bend Or.

Antoine de Bonnille, Lord of Bernon. Jean, his brother, residing in Beaufort, Place of Troyes. Caterine, residing to that Beaufort. Guy-Modeste of Bonnille, Lord of Bernon & Arrentieres, there residing, Place of Vitry.

Azure, a chevron Or, accompanied of three mullets of the same 2 and 1.

Jacques de Boubers, Lord of Rieux, residing to that the place, Place of Sezanne. Philips, Sieur de Doucigny. And Martin, Lord of Antilly, residing in Charleville, aforesaid Place.

Or, 3 eagles Sable, beaked and membered Gules.

Charlotte Juliot de la Burye, widow of Antoine de Boucher, Lord of Plessis-sous-Barbaise, residing in Lusigny, Place of Troyes. Paul, Antoine & Charles de Boucher, his children. Charles de Boucher, Lord of Marcilly, residing in Chantemerle, Place of Troyes. Louis de Boucher, Lord of Plessis-sous-Barbaise, residing in Paris.

Gules semy of crosslets Argent, a lion Argent over all, armed and langued Sable; supporters: two bears Sable; crest: the helmet in front, surmounted of an unicorn, issuant Argent, armed of the same.

Estienne-Jacques de Boucher; Georges & Michel de Boucher, Lord of Palis, there resident, Place of Troyes.

Argent, 3 crayfishes Gules, 2 and 1.

René Boucher, Lord of Richebourg & Montlaurent, residing in Chardeny, Place of Rethel. Jeanne de Cleves, widow of René Boucher, Lord of Avanson, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Azure, 3 mullets Or, a crescent Argent in heart.

Charles Boucherat, Lord of Rocatelle, residing there, Place of Troyes. Jean Boucherat, Lord of Nogent, residing there. Christophe Boucherat, Lord of Athies & of Pringy. Sara, Jeanne, Marie, & Philippe Boucherat.

Azure, a cock Or, combed, jelloped and unguled Gules.

Boulleur le
Louis & Claude Bouleur, Lords of Plessis & of Avrecour, there resident, Place of Langres.

Quarterly : 1st, Azure, 3 balls Or chained and a chevron of the same; 2nd, Argent, 3 Ermine Sable set in fess; 3rd, Gules, 3 chevrons Argent; and 4th, Azure, a lion Or, armed and langued Sable.

Charles du Bourg, Lord of Blives, there residing, Place of Troyes.

Azure, 3 stalk of spine Argent.

Jean de Bourgeois, Lord of La Fosse, Keeps Body of the King, residing in Ventelay, Election of Rheims, which made its separate Genealogy of with Samuel de Bourgeois, residing in Oye, Election of Sezanne, which also did his.

Azure, a fess Argent, surmounted of a crescent of the same, and a rose in base also of the same.

Charles de Bournonville, Lord of La Loge, residing in Logny. Jean de Bournonville, also residing to that Logny. Jacques, Lord of Chastillon-on-Bar, residing there, Place of Rethel. Hierosme, Lord of Oiselet, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube. Suzanne, Nicole, Marie, & Daisy, resident in Bogny, Election of Rethel, which made their Genealogy separated from that of Fery, Lordof Saint-Marceau, residing there. And Joachim de Bournonville, Lord of Avy, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Sable, a lion Argent, crowned of the same, armed Or langued Gules, the tail forked and set in saltier.

François-Abel de Boutillac, Lord of Arfon, residing in Doux, Place of Rethel.

Argent, 3 barrels Gules, 2 in chief and 1 in base; and for supporters: two lions Or.

Hugues de Bouzonville, lord of Sery, & Anne, her sister, residing in Romagne, Place of Rheims.

Azure, 3 bends Argent.

Jean Boy, Lord of Fresne, residing in Locy, Place of Rethel.

Azure, 2 swords Argent in saltire, tips in top, accompanied of a rose Argent in chief and a crescent in base of the same.

Jacques de Brabant, Lord of Maraut, residing in Essey-les-Ponts, Place of Chaumont.

Gules, a bend Or, charged of a moor head wreathed Argent and accompanied of two hatchets Argent, garnished and linked Or.

Nicolas Braux, lord of Fasniere. Pierre Braux, lord of Saint-Valéry, elected official in Chaalons. Jacques Braux, lord of Vitry-the-City partly. And Nicolas Braux, lord of Sorton, Treasurer of France in Chaalons.

Gules, a wyvern winged Or.

Antoine de Bretel, Lord of Valentigny, residing there, Place of Bar-sur-Aube.

Argent, 3 martlets Gules, 2 and 1, a chief Azure, charged of a mullet Or.

Barthélémy de Bridot, Lord of La Motte.

Azure, a chevron Or, accompanied of three mullets of the same.

François de Brie, Lord of Champrond, residing in Montreuil, Place of Sezanne.

Gules, 2 battle axes Argent, the maunch fimbriated Sable; crest: helmet in front, surmounted of a hand, holding a battle axe.

Pregrimault ou Briquemau
Elizabeth de la Marche des Comte, widow of Jacques de Briquemault, lord of Premartin, residing in Saint-Loup, Place of Rethel. Henry & Marius de Briquemault.

Gules, 3 fess Or, charged of a bend Ermine debruising over all.

Hector de Briseur, Lord of the Pars, residing in Ville-sur-Terre, Place of Troyes.

Azure, 2 heads of ram Or in chief and a moor head Proper in base, wreathed Argent.

Louis Brulart, Marquis de Sillery, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Gules, a bend Or, charged of a trail and of five tuns Sable.

Henry de Brune, Lord of La Borde, residing in Pestang-Claudin, Parraine Montmort, Election of Epernay.

Azure, a chevron Or, accompanied of two mullets in chief and of a boar's head in base Or, the eyes Argent, langued Gules.

Bruiere la
Christophe de la Bruyère, Lord of Caumont, residing in Belval, Place of Epernay. Francois, Alexandre, Robert & Jean de la Bruyère, his children, residing to that Belval.

Azure, a lion Or accompanied of three Ermines, 2 in chief and 1 in base.
Estienne Budé, & Estienne Budé, his son, Lord of  La Motte Saint-Loup, residing in this place, Place of Troyes.

Argent, a chevron Gules, accompanied of three grapes Purpure, 2 and 1.

Claude de Roubion, widow of Henry de Burtel, Lord of La Lande, residing in Chevillon, Place of Vitry.
Argent, a lion Sable langued Gules.

Nicolas de Bussy, Lord of Ogny, residing there, Place of Rheims.

Azure, a split chevron and three mullets Or, 2 in chief and 1 in base.

Jean de Butor, Lord of Montigny, residing in Luzigny, Place of Troyes.

Argent, 3 escalops Gules, a quarter Azure; quarterly Or, a chevron Gules, accompanied of three trefoils Vert.

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